Whales Breaching

Whale watch Charter Whales Breaching. “Why do whales breach?” This is such a tough question that even scientists are still trying to come up with an answer for it. It is not known exactly why they breach, but there are a number of different theories. One popular thought among scientists is that they are trying to knock barnacles and parasites off of themselves. The dramatic impact of a whale slamming its body against the water may have the same effect as a deer rubbing its antlers against tree branches to try to scratch the velvet off.
Another popular theory is that breaching is a way for whales to communicate with each other in longer distances. In some cases humpback whales seem to breach more frequently in rougher waters, when their songs would be harder for other whales to hear. Then again, they may be jumping out of the water just to have a look around. And of course it may just be fun… that’s what we like to think, because it sure does look like they are having a bunch of fun out there!

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