minke whale breach Juneau Alaska
Juneau Alaska

Juneau Whale Watching

Juneau Whale Watching Season: April through September Types of Whales: Orca, Humpback, Gray Whales, Minke Whales and Beluga Alaska is the original Whale watching location! Cruise ships have been entertained for decades by whales as sail through the inside passage from Seattle to Anchorage. Featured Charter Juneau Whale Watching Charter (844) 494-2537 Are you a reputable… Continue reading Juneau Whale Watching

Kona Hawaii

Kona Whale Watch

Kona Hawaii Whale Watching Seasons: November to April Whale types: Humpback Whales Year around Whale types: Pilot Whales, Beaked-Whales and Melon-headed whales Captain Chip Fischer on the Hanamana is our featured Whale Watching Tour Expert here in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Chip is a highly skilled captain and his crew can handle anything on the open sea. Give him… Continue reading Kona Whale Watch