Blue Whale
Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Whale Watch

Monterey Bay Whale Watching Seasons:
April to mid-December
Whale types: Humpback Whales, Blue Whales and Dolphins.
Mid-December to March
Whale types: Gray Whales and Dolphins

Featured Charter


Monterey Bay Whale Watch listed in
“Top 5 American Whale-Watching Tours”

by Joshua Horwitz!

“There are many whale-watching operations in Monterey Bay, but few can claim to be owned by marine biologists. The tours at Monterey Bay Whale Watch focus on learning about the whales and their environment, as well as conserving their habitat and being respectful towards them as living beings — the same of which cannot be said for many other local companies. Monterey Bay Whale Watch leaves you with an intensely deep respect and love for the animals you (almost certainly) observe”.


Are you a reputable Whale Watching Charter Company in Monterey Bay? Are you getting all of the business you need? Would you like to expand to more boats?

We will customize a page on this site to match your company and link to your existing website. Have a portfolio of Whale Watching pictures? We will highlight them for you on your own webpage on, A worldwide internet publication!


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