Kona Hawaii

Kona Whale Watch

Kona Hawaii Whale Watching Seasons:
November to April
Whale types: Humpback Whales
Year around
Whale types: Pilot Whales, Beaked-Whales and Melon-headed whales


Captain Chip Fischer on the Hanamana is our featured Whale Watching Tour Expert here in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

Chip is a highly skilled captain and his crew can handle anything on the open sea. Give him a call at (808) 936-5855 and set up a tour!


Are you a reputable Whale Watching Charter Company in Kailua Kona, Hawaii? Are you getting all of the business you need? Would you like to expand to more boats?

We will customize a page on this site to match your company and link to your existing website. Have a portfolio of Whale Watching pictures? We will highlight them for you on your own webpage on Whale, A worldwide internet publication!


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